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It is not easy to find high quality domestic cleaning service without the hefty price tag, so common to many service providers. We on the other hand, took note – not advantage, of this unfavourable situation and established a domestic cleaning company able to cover the entire spectrum of customer requirements at the right price. We wanted our services to be affordable and to deliver quality results at the same time, although this may seem hard to achieve for some other companies out there, we solved the problem through efficient work attitude and minimum material waste as we believe customers should not have to pay for slack work habits and inefficient service provision.

Top quality cleaning results and a service range which actually serves a purpose with our customers are delivered by the best professional cleaners in the industry. We knew that proper domestic services are to be performed by the proper people, so we found, shortlisted and trained the most talented bunch of cleaners we could find and positive results followed shortly after. Having a talented and eager group of people working for you is great, but kitting them out with the appropriate gear and equipment is the other important aspect of our success.

We understood that high quality cleaning results, efficient material use and avoiding damage of fabrics and materials are crucial for the service so our cleaners are all geared up with professional grade cleaning equipment, and they know how to use it effectively and risk free. We didn’t stop there, as we also knew that the only way to built up on what we had achieved and evolve further would be through listening and taking note of what our customers need and require.

This is why our list of top level cleaning services is constantly evolving and improving so that we can deliver better results at better prices. We also appreciate green business practices so our cleaning work is carried out in strict accordance to all environmental, health and safety regulations imposed to us by law. Naturally, we have all the necessary licensing and applicable trade insurance.

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