Anti-Static Treatment

Anti-Static TreatmentThe slow and steady build up of static electricity around the house is not much of a big deal until the moment you reach for that light switch, door knob or metal coffee table and receive that familiar and unpleasant zap. Some people might not be aware of the fact that static built up is inevitable, but poses a serious problem for computers and other sensitive electronic equipment as it can cause malfunctions and data loss.

Static electricity is all around us, in most instances, the static charge is generated through the constant rubbing of rubber shoe soles and synthetic clothing against other synthetic materials like the carpets and upholsteries for example. When static electricity reaches its critical level it is discharged from one object to another thus the zap when you went for that metal pen on the coffee table. Although not a major problem for occupants, static is a annoying and should be dealt with, just ask your computer! The static electricity built up and discharge is a serious problem in offices where the loss of even one computer is totally unacceptable.

The static electricity problem also worsens when the relative humidity of the room or building drops below a certain level and in combination with poor aeration leads to the slow and steady build up of static charges. In most cases, the accumulation of static electricity cannot be avoided but it can be treated. We can offer our customers effective and well priced anti static treatment guaranteed to reduce the annoying zaps and decrease the level of risk for your sensitive electronics.

Our technicians will be able to determine the likely cause of the static and advise you how to reduce its accumulation. The anti static treatment is performed using a special anti static compound known as an anti static agent. The agent makes the sprayed surface slightly conductive as to release smaller static charges rather than one large discharge. The agent is non-toxic and can be sprayed on all surfaces as it leaves no trace or residue.

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