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Carpet CleaningProfessional carpet cleaning is one of our most popular services as it delivers real value for money and exceptional cleaning results every time. The carpets around the house are subjected to heavy duty, daily use, especially around high traffic areas around the front door and the hallways. It doesn’t take long for carpets to become dirty and start showing signs of soiling. Conventional carpet cleaning is hardly the best way to clean and maintain your carpets as it takes a lot of time, doesn’t give the best cleaning results and generally ends up costing too much.

Instead, we can provide you with top level, professional carpet cleaning guaranteed to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible without exposing your carpets to risk of damage. The professional carpet cleaning methods we use are perfectly suitable for all types of synthetic and natural carpets. Pro Carpet Cleaning London is also the only proven way to achieve lasting carpet hygiene, deep inside the carpet where most of the dirt and bacteria are found, industry research has indicated that carpet cleaning should be performed at least twice during the year in order to retain the carpet’s fresh look and feel for longer.

We understand that carpet cleaning is an effort and time consuming task which customers want done properly and in the shortest time possible, this is why we will send you a team of well trained, properly equipped cleaning technicians to get the job done swiftly and with no extra hassle. The technicians are trained to determine the type of carpet, the level of staining and soiling it has sustained and how to go about cleaning it effectively.

The cleaning begins with a detailed vacuum of the entire carpet in order to remove large bits of dirt and dust stuck between the fibers. Next the cleaners will apply the appropriate cleaning solution which in most cases is a special solvent known as carpet shampoo which cleans all the way to the bottom layer of the carpet. The session is completed by another detailed vacuuming topped off with deodorization.

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