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Curtain CleaningCurtains across the house are generally made of delicate and sensitive fabrics and materials which require a special cleaning approach and professional handling. We can provide our customers with top quality curtain cleaning which is guaranteed to achieve the best cleaning results possible with no risk of damage to the curtains. Curtains, although not exposed to the same amount of dust and dirt as carpets or rugs are, receive a generous dose of dust and don’t take too long to start showing signs of soiling and the need for cleaning.

Some people might be tempted to stick the curtains in the washing machine and give them a good spin along with the socks and undies but this would be a bad move as the curtains will likely sustain some serious damage such as permanent creasing, fading and discolouration, tearing along stitch lines and of course shrinkage. Why put yourself through all the trouble when you can have our expert cleaning technicians perform the curtain cleaning with all due care and attention. The service is moderately priced and will not burn a hole in your monthly budget, but buying a new set of curtains will do that, so be sensible about it and let us take care of the curtains.

The cleaning crews will review and asses the type of curtain fabric and the level of soiling or staining. Depending on these, the cleaners will decide to use either the steam cleaning method or the dry cleaning method. The steam cleaning consists of the spray-on application of a specially formulated solvent which is sprayed hot and under pressure as to penetrate the entire thickness of the fabric in order to clean deep inside and out the other side.

The solvent solution is then extracted using a high pressure vacuum machine which sucks all traces of dirt, dust and the solvent itself. The dry cleaning method is known as restorative cleaning and uses very little moisture. The actual cleaning is done using a special solution which doesn’t damage the fabric or its coloring, it evaporates almost immediately, leaving no trace or residue.

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