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Drapery CleaningDraperies are quite a challenge to wash and keep clean on a regular basis, simply because their size and weight are considerable. Draperies are an excellent way to block out the sun and the nosy neighbours from across the road so it makes sense to clean and care for them accordingly. Draperies found in the home are usually made of different fabric, which ranges in thickness and has different characteristics.

Some draperies are made of really expensive fabrics which do not handle conventional machine washing too well. In most cases, people who have tried to machine wash draperies have achieved nothing but permanent creasing, fading or discolouration and damage along stitch lines, washing powder stains from improper drying and even shrinkage in some cases. We on the other hand, can guarantee our customers that our professional drapery cleaning methods will yield the best cleaning results without any risk of damage to the drapery itself.

As any other of our high quality cleaning services, the drapery cleaning is performed by specially trained cleaning technicians who can determine the type of drapery fabric, the level of soiling or staining is has sustained and of course the most appropriate and effective way to clean the fabric with no risk of damage. We would like to remind customers that permanent staining and sunlight damage cannot be reversed by professional drapery cleaning. Draperies are large pieces of fabric and accumulate a great amount of dust, pollen and bacteria even if they don’t appear to be as dirty.

The accumulation of such household irritants may not be a big deal at the start, but will inevitably affect indoor air quality, which may be a problem for allergy and asthma sufferers so don’t put a price on health and wellbeing and let us handle the drapery cleaning chores quickly, effectively and with minimum fuss. The drapery cleaning techniques we apply are non-toxic and leave no traces or residue in the fabric itself or the room. 

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