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Dry Carpet CleaningDry carpet cleaning is a relatively new alternative to conventional carpet cleaning, it yields excellent results on all types of synthetic and natural fiber carpets. The main problem with carpet cleaning is how to get to the bottom layer of the carpet where most of the dirt and bacteria are, the answer to this is professional carpet cleaning of course as this is the only proven way to achieve lasting results which you can actually see and feel. Industry professionals recommend that professional carpet cleaning should be performed at least twice during the year.

Dry carpet cleaning has many advantages, the main one being the short drying time. Dry cleaning allows for carpets to be ready to walk on in about thirty to forty minutes, which is sensational. The exact drying time though depends on the ambient room temperature and the relative humidity inside the house. As always, the dry carpet cleaning is performed by our specially trained cleaning technicians, who will determine and asses the type of carpet, the nature of staining and soiling to be removed and in turn the most appropriate and sparing way to clean the carpet.

The dry carpet cleaning is done using a special machine. The machine works its way through the carpet fibers loosening any large bits of dirt and debris, as most of these are stuck deep inside the carpet near the bottom layer. The next step of the dry cleaning process is the application of a special spray on solvent designed to dissolve any bits and pieces the machine has missed.

Final step of the cleaning process is application of a specially formulated powder cleaner which sticks to any leftover dust and dirt missed by the first two steps. The dry cleaning process is completed by a final, detailed vacuuming of the entire carpet. The vacuuming picks up any leftovers and the powder cleaner, leaving the carpets fresh and sanitized, all the way to the bottom. The cleaning materials and solutions we use are bio degradable and non-toxic, they will leave no smell or residue in the carpet or the room.

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