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Furniture CleaningFurniture cleaning might not seem like a big deal or something which could pose a problem, but if you have delicate furniture pieces with sensitive fabric or material finishes we strongly recommend using professional furniture cleaning as alternative to home cleaning treatments as they can end up damaging the fabric or material finish and cost you too much in repairs and reupholstering. Many people have unique designer furniture or custom made furniture which cannot be replaced, naturally these are expensive interior features and showing some proper cleaning care is very important for their good looks.

We advise customers to avoid using over the counter cleaning materials and systems of questionable nature and purpose as they can cause more damage than good to the fabric or the rest of the furniture piece. If unsure how to deal with your furniture cleaning requirements, don’t leave things to chance and let us handle the chores for you. Our specially trained cleaners will approach the task with all due care and attention as expected by professionals.

The cleaners will review the type of furniture fabric or material to be cleaned, assess its state and determine the most suitable and effective cleaning approach as to achieve lasting, visible results without damaging colours or texture. There is no single cleaning method capable of dealing with all types of staining or soiling on different types of furniture, this is why our cleaning technicians might combine a number of cleaning techniques for best results.

Special considerations such as colour fastness and dimensional stability of the fabric are also taken into account by our technicians prior to selecting the appropriate cleaning method and its application. The cleaning systems and solutions we use are designed to work only on the fabric or material finish of the furniture piece without affecting any of its other parts, either wood or metal. None of our materials or equipment is toxic or presents a health risk to humans or animals living at the property, there will be no trace of chemicals or residue on fabrics or the room.

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