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Leather Sofa CleaningLeather sofa sets are pricy and valuable, they play an integral role in the room’s interior and are used to make a bold statement before any visitor. Leather sofas are quite expensive, especially sofa sets made of exotic leathers or designer made pieces which can cost in the tens of thousands. Different types of leather require a different cleaning approach and we strongly urge customers to avoid using home cleaning treatments which can damage the leather and end up costing you too much. Instead, we can offer customers our expert advice, technical expertise and top level professional leather sofa cleaning able to give you great results with no risk of damage or alteration.

We can effectively take care of any type of leather sofa cleaning request as our cleaning technicians are well trained and have sufficient prior experience in this highly technical field. We train our people to determine the type of leather, the type of staining or damage and to administer the most appropriate and sparing cleaning method in order to give you great results every time. We can achieve exceptional cleaning results for all types of leather including aniline, semi aniline, top coat or pigmented leather, oil and wax pull up leather, bi-cast and two tone leather and more.

Our entire leather sofa cleaning work is done on site as we use professional grade, modern equipment, there will be no need to disassemble or take the sofa set to another location – great news for our customers. Generally, the two things which damage leather sofas the most are everyday use and the application of improper cleaning methods on a regular basis.

True, aging and general wear and tear are not reversible but why ruin your leather sofa by using conventional cleaning methods which leave it brittle, cracked and peeling, when we offer top quality leather sofa cleaning service without the hefty price tag. We are here to help and want to give you the best opportunity to enjoy freshly cleaned leather sofas without charging you a small fortune.

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