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Mattress CleaningGood bedroom and mattress hygiene is quite important for your health and wellbeing as mattresses can accumulate a great deal of dust mites, bed bugs and bacteria over time. The advice from the professionals is to show the same level of cleaning care for your mattress as you do for the rest of the bedroom. When new, mattresses are free of any dust mites or bacteria, but in time they begin to accumulate a great deal of these and in some cases mattresses can be the home of different, hard to detect funguses, which is hardly a recipe for a good night’s sleep.

At this point we would like to offer our customers top level, professional mattress cleaning at the right price. The mattress cleaning is guaranteed to remove all dirt, dust, mites and bacteria from deep inside the mattress. Keep in mind that poorly aerated bedrooms with high relative humidity are the ideal environment for some bacteria which can be a problem for allergy prone individuals using the room and the mattress. Many people have tried aerating and sunning the mattress though this is only a band aid solution to a growing problem.

You can opt for conventional mattress cleaning but chances are the long drying time and the poor results will dampen your efforts, so save yourself the hassle and time and let us deal with the mattress cleaning effectively and in one single appointment. The process we use for mattress cleaning is similar to the one used for carpet cleaning. It all begins with a detailed vacuum of the mattress as to remove the large bits and pieces.

The vacuuming will also remove any spores or eggs of different insects and bacteria. Next up is the removal of any stubborn stains of both organic and chemical nature. Our cleaners are well trained and sufficiently equipped so you can be sure to receive top level service backed by sound technical knowledge and expertise. The mattress should be ready to use a few hours after the cleaning session.

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