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Steam Carpet CleaningCarpet cleaning has always been a tedious and time consuming task which usually doesn’t give the best results or ends up costing you too much in materials and cleaning systems with questionable effectiveness. There is a much better and more efficient way to deal with carpet cleaning and it’s called professional carpet cleaning, indeed one word makes all the difference. Clean carpets are vital for the household hygiene and failing to keep them fresh and clean will result in the accumulation of dust, dirt, pollen and lots of household bacteria.

This is especially true for high traffic areas around the front door or the hallway. Professional carpet cleaning happens to be the only way to keep carpets clean and sanitized like the day you had them installed, it is a proven fact. Industry experts recommend that professional carpet cleaning of all carpets throughout the house should be done at least twice during the year. Our carpet cleaning service is suitable for all types of carpet fibers synthetic and natural.

The carpet cleaning procedures pose no risk to the fibers or their properties, carpet cleaning is also safe for the carpet’s base or bottom layer thus there will be no changes in rigidity, strength and characteristics of the carpet. The method we use for is known as hot water extraction, it is absolutely chemical free and harmless as it uses only the natural cleaning power of water to get the job done. Steam cleaning of carpets is also the only way to really clean deep, down near the base of the carpet where most bacteria and dirt is.

Steam cleaning is no joke and is carried out by specially trained steam cleaning technicians which know how to handle and use their equipment efficiently with no risk of damage to the carpet. In most cases, the carpets are dry enough to walk on in a few hours after the appointment, though this depends on the house temperature and the relative humidity in the room. Steam cleaning is harmless to humans or animals as it uses the natural cleaning power of steam. 

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