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Suede Sofa CleaningSuede sofas are a delicate part of the room interior and should be kept from nasty stains or other damage as they don’t handle conventional cleaning too well. Suede is a sensitive material which requires a special cleaning approach which will achieve good results and will cause no damage to the material or its characteristics. If your valuable suede sofa has sustained soiling or staining, we strongly urge you to restrain yourself from using home cleaning methods and use our professional suede sofa cleaning service instead as we can guarantee you exceptional results without exposing the sofa to risk of damage.

Genuine suede is a fine and stylish material which is gentle to the touch and needs proper care and maintenance. The luscious look and gentle feel of the suede is due to the many natural oils and waxes contained in the leather. Unfortunately most types of conventional cleaning, especially if applied on a regular basis, will remove and dissolve these oils and waxes thus making the suede feel brittle like and unpleasant to the touch. In order to avoid this from happening our suede cleaning treatment includes a special oil restoration process as the final step of the cleaning.

This ensures the suede’s chemical content is balanced. The most popular type of suede used for the manufacturing of sofas is painted leather finish. Although this type of suede looks exceptionally well it suffers greatly from strong stains such as ink or alcohol which are almost impossible to remove without damaging the delicate material. People who have attempted to lift such stubborn stains using conventional methods have ended up with a cracking and peeling of the upper suede layer thus ruining the entire sofa.

You surely don’t want this happening to your sofa, so by all means let us handle the cleaning quickly and efficiently with no risk of damage or unnecessary fuss. Certain types of suede will feel a bit different and less supple after the cleaning session, but that’s no reason for concern as the suede will return to its normal state after a few hours of use.

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