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Upholstery CleaningThere are usually many upholstered pieces of furniture around the house, they look and feel great as they complement and complete your interior designs. Their good looks are not easy to keep for long though as in most cases upholsteries are made of sensitive fabrics or materials which don’t handle staining and conventional cleaning too well. Some of these upholstered pieces are quite pricy too, especially if you have some designer made ones so trusting their cleaning care and maintenance to knowledgeable professionals is highly advisable over administering homemade, conventional cleaning techniques which could ruin the colours and texture of your fine upholsteries.

We want to inform our customers that professional upholstery cleaning is the best and most effective way to keep their non leather furniture such as sofas, couches, armchairs, padded stools and mattresses looking great and feeling fresh for longer without any risk of damage and without having to spend a fortune. The upholstery cleaning service is competitively priced as we aim to keep it open to more households out there.

In most cases, people would ignore the need for clean upholsteries as they consider them to be cleaner than carpets for example, but upholsteries receive the same amount of dust, dirt and bacteria as the carpets or the draperies do, but with an added bonus – upholsteries are in daily contact with the human body and they receive a generous dose of hairs, dead skin cells and body oils and odours, which can really make the upholsteries feel nasty and grimy over time. Keep your upholsteries looking bright and feeling fresh for longer using our value for money professional cleaning service.

Your fine fabrics will be in good hands and treated with all due care and attention. The upholsteries should be ready to use in a matter of hours after the cleaning is done. Our cleaners will work quickly and efficiently with the least amount of disruption to your daily schedule. The upholstery cleaning materials we use are bio degradable and non-toxic, they pose no health risk to humans or animals.

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