Upholstery Pick up and Delivery

Upholstery Pick up and DeliveryThe company specializes in the professional cleaning of all types of upholstery. Our cleaning technicians are well trained and will not shy away from cleaning even the most delicate fabrics and materials such as silk, wool, cotton and many more. As we aim to provide top quality service with no risk of damage to the fabrics and materials we work with the modern, pro-grade equipment which delivers excellent results every time.

Most of our upholstery cleaning is done on site for extra customer convenience. In some instances though, our cleaners might review and assess the type of fabric and the level of soiling and determine that it is best to have the fabrics taken to our specialized cleaning site for additional treatment. We understand that having to take the upholsteries to another location could be extra hassle for our customers we will have the cleaners pick up and bring the upholsteries to our specialized cleaning site, there will be no extra charges or bumping of prices.

The upholsteries will be treated with all due care and attention, they will be subjected to proper, professional cleaning treatment designed to yield best possible results without causing any damage. Once the cleaning has been completed, the upholsteries will be delivered back to the customer in a perfect condition and ready to use straight away. Upholstery fabrics processed at our specialized cleaning site can receive anti bacterial and anti allergen treatments, we can also arrange for anti odour and wear protection of all fine fabrics, even silk. Although some people might think that, off site treatment of upholsteries is unnecessary and extra hassle, we have taken care of the entire process from pick up to delivery.

Our aim is to bring you top quality cleaning results at the right price. Our professional grade cleaning equipment gives the ability to perform exceptionally well on all jobs, either big or small. We will clean even the smallest of upholsteries to professional finish. The service runs seven days a week with flexible appointment hours.

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